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EyeSite is a community that provides information and services relating to eye care/eyewear to both the eye care professional and consumer.

A community refers to a group of people who, in some way or the other, share similar interests, aspirations or needs. Any successful community requires a framework where the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge is not only possible, but actively encouraged and it was with this in mind, that EyeSite was established.

In the last four years, EyeSite has grown from a small web-based initiative into a thriving, multi-channeled company, providing services and information to a wide range of individuals and companies within the eye care industry. The EyeSite web-site, our monthly newsletter, and most recently, the EyeSite.co.za magazine, all form part of an integrated approach that allows us to maximize the potential of both the real and virtual worlds.

Our philosophy is simple: put the needs of the industry ahead of our own.


The EyeSite web-site, www.eyesite.co.za forms the backbone of the EyeSite community and is recognised as one of the world's leading resources of eye care and eyewear information. Developed with both the patient and the professional in mind, the web-site has been divided into two distinct categories namely, EyeSite General and EyeSite Professional.

EyeSite General provides patients with innovative services and useful information relating to all areas of eye care, while at the same time, keeping them at the forefront of trends in eyewear, accessories and other eye-related products.

Features unique to EyeSite General include the ability to obtain online advice from an eye care professional, not to mention the convenience of being able to find the contact details of a local optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Other patient-specific sections include: Consumer Education, Conditions & Diseases, Contact Lenses, Eyewear & Sports, Lens Centre and Fashion & Trends. The site has also been expanded to include information relating to a variety of specialised areas such as: eye surgery, low vision, child vision, diabetes, ergonomics and many others.

EyeSite Professional is an interactive network for all those involved in the eye care industry, providing services such as: news, employment, classifieds, product information, discussion forums and various other useful tools.

It is our aim to get the involvement of everyone within the industry and an example of this can be seen in an exciting new section on our web-site called EyeSite Sports Vision. EyeSite Sports Vision serves as a central platform for all articles, news, course material and product information relating to the field of Sports Vision and is proving to be one of our most popular industry-specific sections. We intend to utilise this model in other areas of our web-site and any comments are always appreciated.


Why the EYESITE.co.za magazine, you may ask?

Well, it is important for us to realise that not everyone has access to the Internet or email and it therefore makes sense to extend the EyeSite community into more traditional communications media.

The EyeSite.co.za magazine is an example of this and has enabled us to reach a wider audience.

Synergies have already been established with both local and international partners, to ensure that the content presented in the EyeSite.co.za magazine provides an interesting read.

Technology will take centre stage in EyeSite.co.za as it becomes increasingly essential that the industry understands the various aspects of the "new economy". We will do our best to bring you the latest developments in layman's terms.


Email provides EyeSite with a highly effective means of communicating with the industry and this was the thinking behind the creation of the EyeSite monthly newsletter.

The EyeSite newsletter covers a range of topics including: news, events, product launches, competitions, promotions and it also keeps you informed of the activity taking place on different sections of the EyeSite web-site.

We are extremely pleased with the response that we have received regarding the EyeSite newsletter and we will continue to bring you updated news and information, as it happens.

If you would like to receive the EyeSite monthly newsletter, please email mail@eyesite.co.za or phone us on (011) 728-3307.


The hands on approach plays a significant role in our efforts to educate the industry. We have found that many members of the industry prefer the direct interaction that comes with a one-on-one approach.

Various workshops are conducted throughout the year and provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the Internet, e-mail as well as other technology related fields. EyeSite is also regularly involved in presentations, courses and talks such as RAU's Academy of Sports Vision Programme, which have been a huge success.

So there it is – an integrated approach that is creating a multitude of positive waves within the eye care industry.

EyeSite continues to expand and with the continued support of all members of the industry, we are confident that our community will grow to occupy a pre-eminent position as a communications, marketing and electronic services company.


EyeSite would like to thank the following people for their contributions:
  • John Carey
  • Leoni Joubert
  • Anthony Carlson
  • Jannie Ferreira
  • Hazel Sacharowitz
  • Dr. Jan Talma
  • Gordon Burnham-King
  • Dr. Johann Slazus
  • Stephanie van Rooyen
  • Dr. Clive Novis
  • Prof. David Meyer
  • Dr. Grant McLaren
  • Dr. Johan de Lange
  • Mark Douglas
  • Cindy White
  • Steve Bacher
  • Winnifred Knight
  • Stacey Maud
  • Monique Rissen-Harrisberg
  • Trevlyn McLeod
  • Johan Marx
  • Michele Hlava
  • Yvette Grobler
  • Linda Moore
  • Margaret Mcgilp
  • The National Eye Institute (Bethesda)
  • The South African Optometric Association
  • The American Optometric Association
  • VisionSite
  • EyeMax
  • Dirk Booysen
  • Larry Kotzen
  • Christine Croker
  • Johan Pretorius
  • Dr. Savvas Christodoulou
  • Claudette Medefindt (RP Foundation)
  • Eye2Eye Magazine
  • Just Looking Magazine
  • EyeQ Magazine
  • David Braun
  • Sarah Weber
  • Solani Mathebula

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