Nidek RS-330 Retina Scan DuoTM


High Definition OCT & Fundus Imaging in One Compact System. The Retina Scan DuoTM is a combined OCT and fundus camera system that is a user friendly and versatile unit providing high definition images and value added features.

The intuitive software, the automated functions, the rapid measurements and high-quality images make the Retina Scan DuoTM a pleasure to operate, akin to photography that captures many of the vivid landscapes experienced over your lifetime. The combination of features results in a better overall experience for the patient and practitioner.

Additional value added features include fundus autofluorescence and En face OCT.


  • User Friendly Interfaces for Two Capture Modes
  • 3-D Auto Tracking and Auto Shot
  • Operation with Joystick for Flexible Alignment
  • Space-saving Unit
  • HD Image Averaging (max. 50 images)
  • Selectable OCT Sensitivity – ultra fine, fine, regular
  • Enhanced Image
  • Wide Area Scan (12 x 9 mm) / Wide Area Normative Database
  • Multiple OCT Scan Patterns
  • 12-megapixel CCD Camera
  • Stereo and Panorama Photography
  • Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF)*1
  • En face OCT
  • Anterior Segment Adapter*4



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