Oculus Easyfield


The OCULUS Easyfield? C is an exciting compact perimeter to do static perimetry up to 30?. It has been designed for the combined use as visual field screener and perimeter, offering features usually available only in large units. The closed bowl with a 11.81? (30cm) radius and distance adapted lens conforms to the Goldmann standard and fulfills the ISO-12866 norm for perimeters. The new OCULUS Easyfield? was specifically designed to support glaucoma care, through preventive screening or complete visual field tests and progression analysis. However, the versatility of the device allows for all common tests of the central visual field, independent of the clinical picture.


  • Fast, compact, robust, lightweight
  • Performs standard automated perimetry (SAP)
  • Advanced statistics and analysis software
  • Redesigned headrest with lateral eye shields.
  • Enhanced test methods
  • Advanced analysis tools



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