Protec Auto Ref- kerameter PRK- 5000

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Created with PROTEC’s state-of-the-art digital technology, PRK-5000 is an innovated Power Auto Ref-Keratometer for the next generation. The Protec Auto Ref- kerameter PRK- 5000 optomised for confenience and multifuctional elements that serves to be reliable and accurate.


  • Refraction & Keratometry Measurement
  • CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curve
  • Diameter Measurement
  • Slim and Smart
  • High Quality vs Good price
  • Operational panel, Joystick and Printer for convenient Data Transfer


1 review for Protec Auto Ref- kerameter PRK- 5000

  1. Innocent T N

    Good day Sir/Md
    I’m interested to this machine and will like to have more details;
    question: Protec auto Ref-kerameter PRK- 500 = automatic refractometer
    all the spefications
    -mode of payment
    and terms and condition

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