Medmont E300 USB Corneal Topographer


The Medmont E300 USB Corneal Topographer offers the practitioner extreme accuracy for the mapping of a patients cornea. Utilising a PC, the patients full corneal history can be stored and accessed quickly and efficiently. A huge range of display options is now available providing the user with information that they previously would only have dreamed about!


  • Largest Capture Area of Any Placido Ring Topographer Providing Full Limbus to Limbus Coverage
  • Tear Film Surface Quality (TFSQ) Algorithm, Understand and Analyse Tear Film Breakup
  • Exceptional Accuracy With a Standard Deviation of Error of 2 _m, Considered the Gold Standard for Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses
  • Comprehensive Database of Contact Lens and Orthokeratology Lens Designs
  • Applications
  • Image capture
  • Corneal coverage
  • Contact Lens Fiting Software
  • Analysis And Display
  • Practice Management Intergration




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