SLD series


The Topcon SL-D series is a digital slit lamp series that combines high optical performance with versatile digital capability. The concept of the high quality digital slit lamp is based on the extensive range of optional digital capture devices that can be mounted on these outstanding clinical instruments. Paramount among these is the dedicated digital camera DC-4 with compact body that provides easy-to-capture and high quality digital images. These premium diagnostic instruments offer superior clinical performance with digital capability.


  • Illumination boost
  • Optional DC-4 digital camera
  • Blue Free Filter system for superior
  • Optional BG-5 LED background illumination
  • Illumination boost
  • Brighter illumination enhances observation of the eye structures
  • LED wavelength characteristics allow for easy visualization of subtle details such as flare & inflammation
  • Consistent color temperature throughout the entire light intensity adjustment
  • Substantial reduction in bulb replacement
  • Energy efficient & cost saving
  • No tearfilm vaporization due to low temperature of LED illumination




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