SW-8800 Fundus Mate Non Myd Fundus Camera


A compact device, high quality image, stereoscopic depth perception viewing, and the ability to capture a 65-degree angle of a single fundus photography without eye dilation.

Type of Photography:

  • Color; Red-Free(Digital); IR(Digital); Cobalt(Digital)
  • Angle of View: 45°
  • Minimal Pupil Size: 4 mm
  • Focus Adjustment Range: -25 to +25D(Without Compensation Lens)

Light Source:

  • Observation Light Source: Infrared LED
  • Flash Light Source: White LED

Eye Fixation Lamp:

  • Internal: LED Point , Orange
  • External: LED Point, Red
  • Working Distance: 15 mm
  • Camera Resolution: 5 Megapixels
  • Built-in Monitor: 7.0 inch Color LCD Monitor

Mount Movement:

  • Front and Back 85 mm
  • Side to Side 110 mm
  • Up and Down 30 mm
  • Chin Rest Movement: 60 mm



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