Feedback from Synapse Congress – Clarens June 2018

Synapse has become known for offering top class education in magical and inspiring settings. This year we went to Clarens in the Eastern Free State. Our 15 thought-provoking local and international speakers presented topics to challenge and expand the thinking of the professional looking for something new and different.

From keratitis through binocular vision and amblyopia to visual perception and how it’s hardwired; systemic and ocular conditions relating to hormones (endocrinologist), vision (ophthalmologist), concentration and personality (pediatrician) and movement (neurologist) and how to scan for them (radiologist.) We heard what to expect at which age (family practitioner) and how to tweak your spine back to health (physiotherapist); also about our risk of exposure to infectious diseases, to cyber infections and to UV related skin damage.

Delegates enjoyed the variety of topics and speakers and highlighted the presentations by Prof André Venter (Head of Pediatric Medicine at UFS) on ADHD and autism, and the panel discussion on a patient with pituitary tumour presenting to an optometrist, with an ophthalmologist, neurologist, radiologist and endocrinologist.)

Conference topics were hot and our lecture venue toasty with a fireplace and coffee on tap. Braver family members cycled, quad biked and played golf or enjoyed the quirky shops and art galleries before joining us for the Zeiss function where we got a taste of the local artisanal brew and local German sausage and specialties. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event next year in Port Alfred.



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