Do you know about the ZEISS Vision Center?



In May, the Grand Opening of the ZEISS Vision Center took place. This Center will provide a valuable resource for the ophthalmology and optometry community.

Seyfi Ceyhan, MD of ZEISS South Africa, answers some questions about this exciting new initiative.

Tell us about the new ZEISS Vision Demo Room and Training Center.  

Our new ZEISS Vision Center will showcase the latest advancements in eye care technology and innovations.

Why did you decide to establish a ZEISS Vision Demo Room and Training Center? 

We believe that the center will be a valuable resource for the Optometric community and students for years to come.

What new Products do you have available at the ZEISS?

ZEISS offers a complete Vision Care Technology Solution. Our latest innovation includes the state-of-the-art ZEISS VisuFit 1000 which is the most advanced digital centration ever by ZEISS.

Tell us about the new ZEISS Digital Centration. 

The ZEISS VisuFit 1000 features 9 mutually calibrated cameras that capture a 180-degree view of a patient’s face in one shot. Measurement data is processed using 45 million points.

Explain the significance of innovation and technology for ZEISS. 

The digital age is redefining optometry practice, patients are always connected and more demanding than ever. The key differentiators for practices are customization, convenience, and a unique patient experience.

How will it affect the optometry and ophthalmology community?

We believe this will enhance patients’ lens performance, improve patient experiences in practices and boost professional reputation.

How does ZEISS see AI impacting the future?

We believe that AI technology will support and complement human performance in the future of optics. This technology will assist us in analysing real-life habitual, lifestyles, and oculomotoric behaviours to create new visual solutions.

Below are some photos from the Event





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