Optic Nerve – The Big 10

This July marked a very special and significant milestone for us at Optic Nerve as we are fortunate to be celebrating our company’s 10th anniversary.

It is with a lot of gratitude that we reach out to express our sincerest appreciation for all the support we have received over the years from our customers and the industry. You have been the driving force behind our growth and success, and it is thanks to you that our vision has become a reality.

We also want to acknowledge our suppliers and how privileged we are to partner with such market-leading companies. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with companies who are on the forefront of new design

concepts in eyewear and whose products are always in line with the latest global trends.

A big thank you for investing in our vision. 

“Whoever said that you can’t buy happiness, has never bought the right frame”

Optic Nerve is the proud distributor of Upmarket Optical
Brands in Southern Africa, promoting the fusion of
Design, Style, and Perfectly Crafted Frames.

 Discover our universe @ www.opticnerve.co.za 

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