Self-tinting lenses by ZEISS

The moment your lenses keep pace
with changing light – and your life.
Self-tinting lenses by ZEISS.

Fast dark. Fast clear. Eyeglasses that adjust to any light condition – full sunlight, indoor lighting and everything in between. PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses do it all – and do it fast.

Photochromic Technology Evolves with PhotoFusionTM lenses

Since the introduction of photochromic plastics in 1983, this unique technology has continued to improve. Each successive generation of photochromic lens materials has provided wearers with greater performance and value. Now, with PhotoFusionTM lenses, Carl Zeiss Vision has combined precision optics with the latest generation in self-tinting technology. PhotoFusionTM lenses utilize a patented chemistry that offers faster reaction speeds, greater protection from harmful radiation, and longer-lasting performance. PhotoFusionTM lenses retain more of their transparency indoors after two years of simulated exposure to ultraviolet radiation than existing lenses.

PhotoFusionTM lenses have been engineered with significant improvements over existing photochromic lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision. The patented photochromic molecules in PhotoFusionTM lenses react more quickly to ambient light levels, both outdoors and indoors; offer even greater protection against harmful radiation, up to 400 nm; and maintain excellent colour stability, with less loss in performance over time. PhotoFusionTM self-tinting lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision, offer wearers a state-of-the-art combination of performance and convenience.

Benefit 1 – PhotoFusionTM lenses darken up to 20% faster than existing lenses from Carl Zeiss

Benefit 2 – PhotoFusionTM lenses fade back up to twice as fast as existing lenses from Carl Zeiss

Benefit 3 – PhotoFusionTM provides greater protection from harmful radiation

Benefit 4 – PhotoFusionTM lenses maintain excellent colour stability with minimal photochromic fatigue

Because the wearer is exposed to a wide range of light levels throughout the day, PhotoFusionTMlenses, self-adjust to the ideal level of absorption in order to maximize visual comfort and performance. PhotoFusionTM lenses are even capable of reaching near-sunglass density under intense sunlight. The lenses are available in a neutral grey hue for lifelike colour perception and also in a cosmetically pleasing, warm brown hue. The patented chromophores used in PhotoFusionTM lenses have a wide absorption spectra that allow for better colour control. PhotoFusionTM lenses therefore exhibit excellent colour stability with less variation in colour compared to existing lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision and the wearer can be assured of no bluish (grey hue) or greenish (brown hue) undertone when adapting to changing light levels.

The discolouration and loss in reversibility of the photochromic change is referred to as a ‘fatigue’. Photochromic fatigue can be reduced by adding a UV stabilizer or by providing a barrier to oxygen and other chemicals. This prolongs the expected period of adequate photochromic performance. PhotoFusionTM lenses employ ‘hindered amine light stabilizers’ within the polymer matrix, which are chemical additives that act to inhibit the degradation of the polymer. These stabilizers slow down the photo chemically initiated degradation reactions, working in a manner similar to antioxidants. PhotoFusionTM lenses exhibit minimal loss in transmittance in the ground (clear) state after prolonged exposure to UV radiation compared to existing lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision, which may suffer from more noticeable fatigue after extended use.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Convenience due to fast reaction to changing light conditions
  • Comfortable vision in all light conditions
  • 100 % solar UV protection
  • Consistantly high self-tinting performance
  • A natural stylish look




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