28 February, 1- 2 March Fieramilano Rho-Pero


All-new look in a mix of creativity and efficiency for the world’s No.1 eyewear event.

More exhibitors, both valued regulars and important newcomers, recognize the absolute leadership of the event

Milan, March 2015 – The 45th Mido, the world’s No.1 eyewear exhibition, opens on 28 February. The International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition will be on show until 2 March at the Fieramilano Rho-Pero pavilions and is a concrete opportunity to do business in a completely revamped setting. Thousands of trade people from across the world are expected. Each year they meet in Milan for a unique overview of the industry, which only an ever-evolving exhibition can give. The intent is always to deliver the best to exhibitors and visitors in terms of being efficient and offering real business opportunities, by guaranteeing specifically “tailored” services, in a very internationally-minded way.

<< This year, the vitality of our exhibition and a rapidly increasing lineup of product offerings were rewarded with a significant increase in exhibition space (+10%) and exhibitors (150 new companies) who booked all the available exhibition space in just a few months >>, stated Cirillo Marcolin, President of Mido and Anfao. << This large turnout makes us proud and tells us that we are going in the right direction. On the strength of the success of Italian-made products – with the value of exports scoring a record high in 2014 – and driven by a bigger Milanese exhibition, which is renewing itself in new areas, we can be confident about the future, knowing that we can offer a new drive and reasonable hopes for leaving the global recession behind us >>.


The organizers working behind the scenes at Mido have come up with some new ideas on how to make visiting the exhibition easier. Starting by locating the pavilions closer to the subway, so that it is more practical and quicker to reach them. The exhibition layout has been completely redesigned and is the same for all the pavilions, taking visitors on a more streamlined and multi-sensorial tour, for an all-new, all-round experience. << We designed and set up the new format to make it easier to display and give visibility to the products on show >>, said Giovanni Vitaloni, who is the vice president of Mido and Anfao. << We wanted to find new things that would appeal and new ways to make the 3-day event, which is always a very busy one, something more relaxing, practical, effective, and efficient for business dealings which are always critical in increasing production and trade, as well as functional to the pivotal role of “working well” which is what we wish to all our Italian and international exhibitors >>. The Mido theme areas are back: Design Lab (Pav.2 and 4) – a hub for those with an interest in cutting-edge ideas -, Fashion District (Pav.1,2 and 4) – an exclusive space that hosts the top players on the international eyewear scene and fashion-inspired companies -, Lenses (Pav.3) – hosting the leading companies from Italy and other countries, offering a complete overview of these products, Mido Tech (Pav. 5) – the world’s largest exhibition space of machinery, raw materials and components – and FAiR East Pavilion (Pav. 5 and 7) – an exclusive showcase from producers from the Far East, with the group participation of leading Asian players. A big newcomer at the Design Lab is LabAcademy: an incubator of ideas, a very special space and only for creative talents and upcoming designers who have gone through a strict selection process and are at the show for the first time. The special location has a fresh, non-conformist feel to it. It’s for anyone whose motto is originality and who loves to test by pushing the frontiers. On Sunday evening there will be partying in Pavilions 2-4 until 8.30 pm with a happy hour and toasts at the stands, and a DJ set!


Bestand is back after last year’s success. Mido’s special award for the most eye-catching, original and communicative stand in terms of elegance, interactivity with the public, aesthetic appeal, design details, comfort, and excellent product visibility. The judges are the visitors who will vote for the lucky winner either by using the Mido App for smartphones and tablets, or directly at the exhibition. Bestand is for anyone who has the desire, ability and determination to take the plunge and invest in his ideas by making his exhibition space unique. To keep inspiring the eyewear trade here comes Bestore: an international competition for eyewear stores around the world with the award going to the one that offers the best shopping experience. The Mido website has received a host of entries from the owners of stores, concept stores and retail outlets, who have uploaded pictures of their exhibition space and described all their plus features. In this case the winner will be voted by an international panel of eyewear experts, marketing people and visual merchandisers. Entries will be judged according to the exhibition concept as well as the customer relationship, interior design, communication and marketing. Find out who the winners are on Sunday 1 March at 2.00 pm in the Fashion District square!


For the third year running there will be a free train service to Mido from Rome, which has been joined by a train from Venice this year, leaving on Sunday 1 March. The idea behind the two trains is to make it easier to reach the exhibition, and has been very successful: both trains were fully booked within just a few weeks. The Rome service to Mido will be served by Italo arriving directly at the Rho-Fiera station at about 10.00/10.30 and the return trip by a Trenitalia Frecciarossa train arriving in Rome in the evening. A Frecciabianca train will be used for visitors from Venice, leaving from Venice at 6.20 am and from Rho-Fiera at 6.41 pm.

Providing training courses and regular updates on the latest news has always been one of Mido’s priorities. This is why the Otticlub space is back, at the entrance to the Lenses pavilion. It’s a multi-functional area for eyecare people with seminars, conferences, courses and training sessions in Italian and English (simultaneous translation service).


The community that revolves around eyewear and its world is broad and varied, ever-changing and in search of new stimuli and opportunities to network. This is the reason for WMIDO, the new weekly digital magazine that talks about what Mido and the eyewear industry are doing. WMIDO is for everybody who loves eyewear and its infinitely multi-faceted world, whether they are from the eyewear trade or not.

All this and much more at Mido, Never Ending Wonder! << We’ve worked hard to offer a number of initiatives and activities at the 45th Mido which are the result of solid organizational “know how” and the all-Italian “flair” that still make us the best in the world, the most authoritative and prestigious one-stop shopping point in the global marketplace >>, said President Marcolin. Now it’s time for the curtains to go up.

See you at MIDO – Fiera Milano Rho – 28 February to 2 March 2015

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