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Milan, March 2015 – “I am what I wear”. For those whose lives revolve around fashion, this has become an absolute truth. And probably rightly so. Having gone beyond the now anachronistic concept of “you can”t judge a book by its cover”, nowadays, more than ever before, people have come to the understanding that opting for a specific look over another is tantamount to a genuine declaration of style. And so it is no longer enough to choose the right dress and the most suitable shoes for each occasion. The accurate, attentive and appropriate selection of all of the accessories that embellish, complete and define your outfit is also fundamental. First and foremost, which glasses to wear. Whether sunglasses or ophthalmic lenses, eyewear emphasizes our eyes, attracts the attention or, on the contrary, hides, interprets our personality or expresses our personality. Eyewear tells everyone who we really are or who we would like to be. And, in some cases, it allows us to dream with our eyes open.

Only Mido provides a complete panorama of the latest trends in the eyewear world and in 2015 there is no shortage of choice!


Simplicity and elegance for a timeless look

Vintage spirit and modern inspiration, unique and unmistakable designs, colors and shapes that are bold but never trite. For people that are sophisticated and decisive, who stand out for their timeless elegance and their original and refined taste, simple yet stylish. Attention to detail therefore becomes essential because, as we all know, it is often the little things that make the difference. The frames are in metal and acetate or inspired by the contrast of the two materials, while the color spectrum ranges from classic neutral and black to midnight blue and grey in all its nuances, and through to the warm tones of chocolate and coffee.

License to amaze.

Glitter, beads, Swarovski crystals and even little precious stones that illuminate and embellish the face and focus the attention on the eyes, which become weapons of irresistible seduction. A trend that exploded in the 1920s and which was consecrated on the catwalks of New York, Paris, Milan and London in the 1980s, the passion for glitter becomes a fully-fledged mania that also conquers the world of accessories. Shoes, bags, watches, belts and even tablet and smartphone holders. But above all, eyewear. Over the top, flash and showy, square with sharp angles, embellished with gold and silver details, colorful or in more wearable and less visible versions, with a touch of retro romanticism, in which the luminous element becomes the detail, the quality that defines a unique and unrepeatable style.

Power and seduction…

Studs, studs and more studs! The stars of the show come direct from the punk world of the 1970s: small or large, details or unashamedly set all over the frame. The style of naughty boys and bad girls — the beautiful and the damned, elusive figures of eternally tormented and troubled souls, think Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love — intrigues and seduces all age groups, even eyewear fanatics. In the classic shades of black and white or in the more original tones of Havana, burgundy, grey and green… these frames, whether for sunwear or vision wear, dictate a strong and decisive style, out of the ordinary, for those that don”t care what others think. The women”s models are feminine and bold, the men”s understated and intriguing.

50s volumes, 70s moods. Dreaming of Hollywood…

Loved and adored by the leading stars – from Monica Bellucci and Paris Hilton to Rihanna and Miranda Kerr, to name just a few – “cat-eye” glasses have always been synonymous with timeless, knowing, sensual and refined femininity. Cat-eye or square and oversize, for die-hard lovers of the vintage style with a modern slant, large and round with dark or graduated lenses, perfect for any shaped face, or lengthened at the sides with typical “turned up corners” for “triangular” faces and, finally, reworked into geometric forms for thin and slender faces. Spotted to highlight darker complexion or in classic tortoise shell, embellished with rhinestones, beads and little crystals for a more glamorous look that won”t go unnoticed. Bon ton, a touch of retro romanticism and plenty of taste.

Enchanted garden or wild nature?

The desperate need for rebirth can be felt in the air. A profound and conscious desire to return to the authentic, to our origins, to nature, in a mix of dreams and reality. Animal print-inspired glasses with showy contrasting colors, tortoise shell or spotted effects, or in transparent acetate embellished with crystal flowers or small enchanted creatures. Floral patterns and prints, very large and butterfly-shaped frames in elegant color combinations, from pale gold to purple and dark grey to petrol, through to ice and silver.

Aviator style. For an irresistibly sexy look

Classical, in the unforgettable version with teardrop-shaped lenses, loved by the younger generations of every era, or revisited with a more modern twist with round or slightly elongated lenses. For 2015 the frames are in metal with brass plating, or in the ultra-modern and hi-tech version in super-thin nylon with arms in pure 100% titanium. The lenses are mirrored or graduated, in a bicolor version, or in the brand new grey-purple, red, orange, lilac and blue shades. Put simply, the aviator style never goes out of fashion, it is adored by both men and women, and is incredibly cool and sexy. The sign of a strong and independent personality with a free spirit.

Irregular frames, extravagant shapes, eccentric prints and colors

Amaze, astound, get yourself noticed. With a touch of originality, a pinch of self-deprecation and the “right” glasses. For those that refuse to live by the rules, there are models with unique and unmistakable designs that stand out for their squared, irregular and eye-catching shapes. Round, square, hexagonal and octagonal lenses inspired by pop art, the cinema, music and even comic book heroes, or heart-shaped for modern and nostalgic Lolitas. Multi-colored patterns or red, green or blue tartan; stripes, checks and polka dots, fluorescent colors and optical contrasts.

A color palette that gives free rein to creativity

The color of the sky and the sea, forever associated with the concept of peace. In Ancient Egypt it was the symbol of introspection and the infinite. Today the epitome of style and elegance, loved and celebrated by leading designers, is blue that joins the pantheon of the most beloved colors. From midnight blue to cobalt, turquoise and pastel blue to Tiffany blue and baby blue, or in two-tone versions with graduated nuances. Also returning strongly to the fore is black, the absolute epitome of elegance and charm but which now also has another particular characteristic: it must be “matt”. A must-have for strong and determined personalities of refined taste. For those that want a little color, there are fresh, soft and warm hues such as Marsala – Pantone 2015 – which goes with every look, making the glasses suitable for any outfit.

Art in the use of materials, beyond the limits of the imagination

Eyewear you see but don’t hear. Innovative and modern. Fashion in its purest state. Ultra-light materials such as titanium or steel and trogamid for those that love comfort and practicality; frames in horn or wood for those with an urban style and a country spirit; or models in precious and environmentally-friendly acetate. There are also inserts in leather or fabric because glasses are not just accessories but genuine items of clothing.

When transparency is an expression of sensuality

The frames are enriched with light and transparent finishes, with a touch of mischievousness, to become almost imperceptible. They can also come without frame fronts with rather large, oval and very dark black and brown lenses.

The acetate becomes transparent in the pastel tones, which range from pale blue and indigo to cherry and petrol, and right through to warm earthy colors.

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