Precision eye care, a life-saver when driving long distances

Precision healthcare and precision farming are terms that we are all aware of, but precision eye care is often unheard of. Precision eye care is one of the latest advancements in saving and improving your eyesight, especially when it comes to driving long distances. Polarise precision lenses for day time use and you are sorted!

Precision eye care allows you to see more clearly while eliminating distortions. The precision eyewear process takes an eye examination one step further by assessing your personal vision needs, doing a precise vision screening, performing eye tests to evaluate your color vision, depth perception and eye pressure, doing a comprehensive eye examination and advising you on the finest lens solution and frame fit.

Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision Optometrists says that the longer distances we are driving, the more our eyesight can suffer and it is advised to get a pair of precision prescription lenses to avoid unnessary eye strain.

“Light reflections on the road while driving during the day can lead to a disturbing glare, causing eyes to take a lot of strain. Light reflections can be effectively filtered by a good pair of polarised prescription lenses. This way drivers can have a much more sharply focussed vision and avoid tired eyes.”

“When driving at night, reflection and glare are more prone to cause eye irritation, because with the decreasing of overall brightness, our visual perception may become impaired and our pupils widen even more when looking at lights, causing more light to enter the eye. Night time driving is directly related to temporary vision loss and the correct eye care is the only solution. Eyewear for night time driving should reduce troublesome glare completely, reduce reflections from oncoming traffic and wet surfaces and improve contrast and colour.”

“Lenses specifically designed for driving are lenses such as SEIKO DRIVE single vision lenses that allows you to see far objects with extra clarity and eliminating distortions around the edges. SEIKO DRIVE X progressive lenses optimise your immediate field of vision, giving you a clear view of everything close by.”

Your frames should have a lightweight design and thin shape for extra comfort, and your lenses should give you a clear view so you can reach your destination safe and sound. And, don’t forget to make sure your sunglass lenses are polarised with 100% UV protection while driving long distances during the day.”

Naude says, without proper lenses, driving long distances can become a danger to you and those around you. He recommends that you go for an eye test before driving long distances if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Changes in your vision when driving at night
    • One of the first signs of vision change is when it gets difficult to see clearly when driving at night. If you cannot see the road signs or if the lights of other cars seem a bit blurry, you need to get your eyes checked.
  • Persistent vision disruptions
    • Seeing black spots or small ‘floaters’ that move across your eyes as well as seeing light flashes appearing regularly should be treated earlier rather than later to avoid long term vision loss.
  • Recurrent eye fatigue
    • Eye fatigue or eye strain can occur when staring at screens for long periods. If you experience eye fatigue for a few days and can cause irritation. If you cannot look from left to right because of eye fatigue, make sure to see an optometrist.
  • Sensitivity to light
    • Sensitivity to light that appears regularly can have underlying causes that need to be diagnosed by an optometrist.
  • Sudden difficulty to focus
    • Difficulty focussing on a specific object or if single objects appear blurry, you should consult an optometrist to identify disorders and rule out any serious complications.

Precision lenses as well as polarised precision lenses are designed to provide superior optical performance, to respond to the specific vision needs of patients and to give precise vision, concludes Naude.

For more information on eye care, please visit the Dynamic Vision website,

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