MIDO: sustainability in progress

The journey toward environmental and social responsibility has begun

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability have become almost synonymous. If, up until a few years ago, sustainability was understood only as a commitment to the environment, like CSR, it now has three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

MIDO, the leading global eyewear show and its associated services company have begun a journey aimed at sustainability and corporate transparency.

The two-pronged approach has several parts. In-house, plastic water bottles have already been eliminated and replaced with large bottled water dispensers, while meeting rooms are provided with special green bottles that can be recycled (composted) with wet waste.

All employees have also approved the MIDO Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct that will be explained to exhibitors, visitors, suppliers and partners. These two fundamental documents confirm the company’s core values and make its work and goals even more transparent.

“Integrity, fairness, cooperation, professionalism and sustainability are the core values of our code of ethics. It is a document that formalizes the concern MIDO has consistently held for the wellbeing of its staff and the environment. A key step to actively engage everyone, transforming their habits and impacting their way of life,” according to Mido President Giovanni Vitaloni.

The Code of Conduct, along with a simpler document – Sustainability, instructions for use – translates the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics into concrete terms and daily life. At the same time, the MIDO exhibition has embarked on a sustainability plan that aims, over the next three years, to obtain ISO 20121 certification: a standard which defines requirements for the management of sustainable events to reduce their harmful social and environmental impacts while contributing to strengthening relations with stakeholders.

At MIDO 2020, which marks the end of Year Zero on this journey, while the initial steps will be explained, training and informative events will be organized for visitors and exhibitors. A Stand up for green award for the most sustainable stand is also being considered. The importance of sustainability is the basic premise – a pivotal asset in future development and a driver of modern business.

“We have long been aware of the environmental and social impact a trade show like MIDO can have and we have always tried to limit it. Today, it is crucial to tangibly adopt policies focused on the environment and sustainability that involve not only us and our event but all the players in the industry with whom we interact”, concludes President Vitaloni.

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