MIDO 2021 Set For June To Ensure Peak International Business Opportunities

MIDO 2021 drops its traditional February dates to schedule a June show. A sensible choice, driven by the aim to ensure exhibitors and visitors an exhibition offering peak international traffic potential and profitable business transactions.
The show’s well-known international reach encouraged the organizers to make a bold, decisive choice: rescheduling MIDO 2021 to Saturday June 5th to Monday June 7th, at Fiera Milano.

The hope is that the arrival of summer will make for safer travel between countries, confirming MIDO as a pivotal force behind the industry’s business activities.

“Considering that more than half of the exhibitors and visitors typically come from 160 countries around the world – stated Mido president, Giovanni Vitaloni – it seems fairly clear that an international trade show scheduled prior to June could put their participation at risk.

Therefore, MIDO 2021 in June is the best choice to get us back to our mission – to organize and maximize the opportunities for international trade, bringing new luster and vitality to this key sector.

We have no doubt – concluded Vitaloni – that our Italian and international visitors will appreciate the opportunity to visit Milan while the weather is fine and we reaffirm our intention to celebrate MIDO’s 50th anniversary in an atmosphere of regained peace of mind.”


From now until June, we will continue to explore and develop opportunities to add value as we move forward on this delicate journey toward the relaunch of the eyewear sector. Challenging months lie ahead and, despite the pandemic, the MIDO machine does not stop or even slow down; on the contrary, intriguing opportunities pop up every day.

Info: www.mido.com

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