New Dynamic Vision concept store

Dynamic Vision showcased their new concept store at Clearwater on 19 November 2014.

The new store design is quite distinct from the rest of the industry and seeks to immerse the customer in the world of fashion eye care. Co-owner of Clearwater Optometrist and chief executive officer of Dynamic Vision, Ruahan Naude said: “The opening of our new concept store really does shine a light on our commitment to our customers’ experience in store”.

We believe that our recognisable feature wall, illuminated product display shelves and promotional display unit featuring automated content updates will create a delightful customer experience.

Our concept store deployed interactive touch screen displays allowing customers to interact with brands online from within the store. To add to the element of fun, a future app would also allow customers to upload or take a photo of themselves, which they could then use to create a virtual eye wear make over within the store.

Launch of first Dynamic Vision concept store Facebook Album CLICK HERE

The new look and feel was well received and created a new excitement in the industry. Although it is quite early in the evolution, the new store design offers Dynamic Vision members the opportunity to be competitive in the future eye care market. What makes our concept store even more desirable is that our members can implement specific elements thereof in their stores on their own time when it suits their budgets. Keep an eye out for similar concept stores to roll out.

A big thank you to all of our guests that made our grand opening a memorable experience!



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