Building a reputable brand does not happen in a vacuum. Instead, it’s synergy between a SIMPLE brand message with a CLEVER business strategy; integrated consistently through the most PRACTICAL brand tools.

How do you as a practice in these disruptive technological advances we live in today build a good brand reputation for your business? You achieve this by crafting a simple brand message that is easily understood by your intended audience.

This article is written from years of experience invested in brand research in order to guide your business strategy to the levels of functionality it needs to operate on.

Building a reputable brand is a commitment you need to invest time into and it is not something that you will immediately see the results of.

With these SIMPLE, CLEVER and PRACTICAL brand tools, you will have the advantage of:

  • Attracting the right clients for your business and generating leads
  • Growing your influence within your industry
  • Having your own platform of opportunity-to-invoice
  • Adding value to your business offering


What makes a reputable brand is developing your clients’ experience with your brand. That means the foundation for your reputable
brand will be the pillar where your clients experience:

─ The unique image and culture of your brand
─ business offering that is value-orientated
─ your brand’s key features and benefits

To kick-start building a foundation for your reputable brand and for your business needs, Visionstryt can help you conduct a distinct
step-by-step process in the following 6 phases.


This first part of the process is where we get to know your business vision to help plan, design and build your brand.


During this stage, we create a BRAND MESSAGE that is aligned to your business strategy and vision.

This includes identifying the:

  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Principles
  • Brand tone


We get to DEFINE your intended market. Who is your ideal client? The revealing process identifies YOUR CLIENT and:

Their behavioural patterns

  • Trends associated with the client and how it works for your brand
  • Most suitable communication platforms to reach out to your clients


For start-ups, we design a whole new identity or revisit the brand touch points that integrate well with the brand design, business
strategy and vision.

We will be exploring elements such as:

  • Brand identity and stationery use
  • Communication tools and other suitable brand collateral


At this point, we now introduce the brand to YOUR CLIENT, reaching the clients through identified communication platforms. Communication platforms can be through print or digital mediums or through hosting an event for existing clients. However, when launching (or re-launching) your brand, this part of the project depends on the available budget and timelines.


You came, you saw and you conquered your new (or existing) client. What now? How do you keep the momentum? Simple. Get to find out what they say or think about your brand.

You now use what you have – the Visionstryt Media Tools and the feedback you got from your client to:

  • Find and fill in any loop holes
  • Seize other opportunities to drive your brand visibilities further
  • Ensure brand consistency on all of your communication platforms


Get in touch with Visionstryt and start the process of establishing SIMPLE, CLEVER, PRACTICAL brand tools that your business can immediately start implementing.



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