New-look ZEISS HQ- Designed for first-rate customer experience

ZEISS has been in South Africa for seventy-five years, continuously providing cutting edge technology and superior product quality but the time had come to bring the ZEISS brand to life for customers. The result was the decision to create a new ZEISS headquarters environment with the aim of offering an innovative and incomparable brand experience that includes a high-tech demonstration area and training facilities. Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd has recently opened the doors to their new, customer-centric headquarters in Randburg, Gauteng.

The new headquarters reflects the companies modern identity, “When we embarked on the exciting project of redesigning our head office, it was by no means an isolated decision”, explains Gail Giordani, Managing Director, of ZEISS South Africa. “We believe the experience we can now offer to our customers is integral to the success of our business and so we created a space where customers can be immersed in the promise our brand offers and experience cutting edge (technology) by attending a variety of training sessions or demonstrations of new products”.

The new-look company headquarters in Randburg, Gauteng has been designed to reflect the ZEISS corporate image, featuring a blue and white interior with modern finishes. Customers from the South African and African markets are encouraged to visit and take advantage of the new and upgraded facilities.

Editor’s note: ZEISS has been represented in South Africa since 1939, and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Germany since 1974. The South African company headquarters, situated in Randburg, Gauteng,was first completed in 1990, and is the home of Industrial Metrology Technology, Medical Technology, Microscopy and Consumer Optics divisions. We also have branches in Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal.

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