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Anti-Reflective Coatings

What are anti-reflective coatings?

Anti-reflective coatings can be added to finished lenses to improve vision and appearance. AR coatings, as they are called, virtually eliminate the reflections from the back of spectacle lenses, such as images of your own eyes and eyelashes. AR coatings also allow more light to reach your eyes, which increases contrast and clarity. This means that you actually see better – particularly in low-light situations like night driving. Light reflections from the front of your lens are also significantly reduced. This makes your lenses appear almost invisible, making your eyes the focus of attention, not your glasses. In photographs or on video, the reduced reflections will make a dramatic difference.

Scratch-Resistant Coatings

What are scratch resistant coatings?

Scratch-resistant coatings can be added to finished lenses to protect them from scratches due to everyday use. Excessive scratching can compromise your vision and detract from your appearance.

UV Protection

What is UV Protection?

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful to your eyes, and UV protection is now recommended by many eye care professionals. A UV coating can be added to your finished spectacle lenses to absorb harmful UV rays. Many lenses come with built-in UV protection. Increasingly, many parents are making sure that their children are receiving UV protection to ensure the safety of their eyesight for years to come.

Lens Tints

Can I tint my lenses?

Many eyeglass wearers enjoy tinting their lenses for fashion and also for comfort during bright sunlight. It’s easy, quick and affordable and can be done with virtually any lens. Many eye care offices and optical shops custom-tint in-house in a matter of minutes. Ask your eye care professional about options in tinting lenses to closely match the fashion frame of your choice or to reduce glare from computer screens, high-gloss paper or fluorescent lights.

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