Ten reasons why prescription sunglasses is a must-have

These days a pair of fashion “sunnies” are easy to find and cheap to buy. From clothing outlets and pharmacies to flea markets, racks of reasonably priced fashion sunglasses are guaranteed but Ruahan Naude, CEO of Dynamic Vision, says that people with prescription lenses should think twice about buying a pair. This is not only because of quality lenses, but cheap sunglasses is just not that comfortable.

“While everyone loves a few pairs of trendy fashion sunglasses to mix and match with their outfits and outdoor activities, people with prescription lenses to aid their vision should opt for a quality pair of prescription sunglasses instead. Stay away from poor quality eyewear that can cause vision distortion. You don’t have to forsake fashion for function anymore.”

“If you wear prescription lenses to optimise your vision, you should be wearing these lenses all the time, including when you are out and about in the sun. Off the rack ‘sunnies’ will not provide the support or protection you need for your eyes.”

He offers ten good reasons why not to go without prescription sunglasses.

  1. Prescription sunglasses are available for almost any individual lens prescription. Lens manufacturers are continuously innovating to produce lighter and thinner lenses, with a range of coatings to address certain vision requirements and support different lifestyles. Lenses are also made to fit a range of frames, which allows consumers to customize their eyewear to suit their vision needs. Wearing prescription sunglasses means unimpaired vision and even the opportunity to read a book in the sun.
  2. It is more convenient to wear a pair of prescription sunglasses on your off days when you are not wearing your contact lenses.
  3. You will still look fashionable and be able to find a pair of sunglasses that fit your personal style as prescription lenses can be fitted in almost any high fashion frame.
  4. Prescription sunglasses are now available in various lens materials, including lightweight materials like polycarbonate. Premium brands invest considerably in research in development to make glasses that are made from quality materials which have good longevity. The technologies used are far superior to those used in cheaper makes. This offers the assurance that frames are robust and that lenses optimise vision for the wearer.
  5. Polarised prescription sunglasses block 100% of ultraviolet rays, cut glare and the lens colour can be adjusted to individual preferences. Fashion eyewear bought off the shelf typically does not deliver much protection against UV-A and UV-B rays.
  6. Glare protection can also be added to lenses for the ultimate outdoor vision experience. These coatings offer excellent protection against both ultraviolet rays and glare.
  7. Your eyes will be protected – and your vision well supported – while driving. If you have prescription glasses for driving, you really should be wearing them when you do. While they may prevent some glare, fashion sunglasses will not help your vision while you are on the road when unimpaired vision is significantly important.
  8. Lenses are available for all vision requirements. You can get your distance prescription and multifocal prescription in sunglasses.
  9. Polarised prescription lenses are also available to cut out glare while ensuring clear vision and improving the contrast when driving.
  10. You reduce the risk of cataracts, retinal damage and skin cancer of the eyelids by wearing eyewear that offers a high level of protection against ultraviolet rays.

For more information on eye care, please visit the Dynamic Vision website, http://dynamicvisionsa.co.za

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