Timberland® 2019 Eyewear Collection

The new Timberland® eyewear collection for 2019 embodies the values of the iconic American lifestyle brand, celebrating its rich heritage. Designed for people with a passion for adventure and outdoor life, these sunglasses and eyeglasses are versatile and also easily wearable in urban settings.

Among the new releases are numerous styles made with eco-conscious materials. Following the brand’s commitment to make its products responsibly, more than half of these contemporary eyewear designs have earned the Earthkeepers mark because, at least 35% of the plastic material is deemed bio-based and from renewable resources.

The eyewear is easily recognizable with the brand’s tree logo, discreetly incorporated onto the polarized lenses and on the insides of the temples. The models are sporty, thanks to both their lightweight design and rubberized detailing that provide additional comfort. Pops of vibrant colour on the bridges or temple tips accentuate the look of the new frames. The shapes vary from more square styles to pilot to rectangular, wrap-around designs.



The large, square TB9162 model stands out with contrasting colours on both the rubberized temple tips and on the engraved logo on the temples. These frames have earned the Earthkeepers mark, as at least 35% of their plastic material is organic-based, both for the frame front and the temples. The design is completed by polarized lenses that reduce the glare from reflective surfaces.


The TB9169 sunglasses, designed according to the Earthkeepers philosophy with at least 35% of their plastic material being bio-based, stand out with a frame front that features a double metal bridge, made even more striking with its unique rubberized coloured bar. Temple tips with rubber inserts finish off the frame’s distinctively bold look.


The TB9171 sunglasses feature an aerodynamic fit and are made according to the Earthkeepers philosophy, as at least 35% of their plastic material is bio-based. The rectangular, wrap-around shape combined with polarised lenses makes this style perfect for any outdoor activity. The thick temples are finished with unique coloured tips and rubberized inserts for an easy-to-wear style.


The sporty TB9173 model was designed to follow the Earthkeepers philosophy of protecting the environment, as at least 35% of its plastic material being bio-based. The frame front is streamlined with a structure that runs along just half of the edge, along with raw-cut polarized lenses on the lower portion. Vibrant pops of colour are featured on both the temple tips with rubber inserts and on the laser-etched logo.



The captivating, square TB1610 eyeglass model is made in line with the Earthkeepers philosophy, with at least 35% of its plastic material being bio-based. The movement of the temples results from the frame’s built-in hinges that ensure comfort. Rubberized temple tips and an engraved logo in contrasting colours brighten up the entire structure.


The TB1618 eyeglasses feature a revamped aviator shape which stands out with a unique rubberized, coloured metal bar on the frame front. The design earned the Earthkeepers mark, as at least 35% of its plastic material is organic-based. The built-in hinge technology ensures fluidity, practicality and comfort. Discreet rubber tips coordinate with the laser-etched logo on the frame’s slim temples.


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