The Match between Carrera and Ducati

From the match between Carrera and Ducati comes the Carrera|Ducati Collection where sport and fashion meet
passion and speed.

Carrera, synonymous with pioneering design and outstanding quality, and Ducati, synonymous with style, sophistication
and performance will partner to create much more than a simple collaboration: CARRERA|DUCATI will be a long-lasting
partnership for the next four years offering a full range of iconic sun and optical frames to a young and enthusiastic
target market.

Carrera and Ducati values are strongly united, starting from their challenging attitude and their qualitative and
an innovative approach to product and design for the creation of outstanding innovative masterpieces that have
distinguished both brands since their early days. The strength of CARRERA|DUCATI Collaboration relies on their similar
approach to always creating something special: a 360-degree partnership from the racetrack to lifestyle, from
sponsorship to the product.

CARRERA, starting from 2022 as announced by Ducati in their Ducati Lenovo Team 2022 Season launch, will be the
Official Partner of DUCATI CORSE, supporting the amazing team that in the past two years has proved to be always at
the top of the world’s most popular, exciting, and challenging motorbike championship, winning the MotoGP
Constructors’ Championship in 2020 and 2021. And to celebrate this bold new match, millions of Carrera and Ducati fans
will be delighted with the new CARRERA|DUCATI Collection created with motorcycle riders as the target in mind but
suitable for everyday use from anyone who has a sporty attitude inside.

As a consumer, you can now win a customised Carrera – Ducati Monster motorbike

Steps to enter:

1) Purchase any Carrera frame from a participating store and receive your scratch card.

2) Scan the QR Code and enter your details.

3) Like the Carrera South Africa Facebook Page!

4) Retain your proof of purchase.




















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